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Brand: Bandai Model: 64983
Description:The "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED" ver. A.N.I.M.E. series has entered the Battle on Earth, with a large weapon set that recreates the fierce ground battles! The live ammunition weaponry that plagued the Strike Gundam has been sculpted with impressive size!A weapon set for the "Mobile S..
USD 38.94
Brand: Bandai Model: 64982
Description:The long-awaited ground unit comes to the "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED" ver. A.N.I.M.E. series! The BuCUE, the iconic four-legged mobile suit, is now available with an impressive assortment of movable gimmicks and effects! Recreate the fierce battles that plagued the Strike Gundam! The m..
USD 56.25
Brand: Bandai Model: 64181
Description:The S.H.Figuarts "Naruto" series enters its boyhood phase! A young Naruto Uzumaki comes to S.H.Figuarts. Its incredible range of motion allows for poses truly fitting of the energetic ninja. The face has been scultped to look like a boy's, different from his usual older appearance!..
USD 31.15
Brand: Bandai Model: 64939
Description:From the TV anime "SPY x FAMILY," ANYA FORGER wearing her school uniform has come to the S.H.Figuarts action figure series! Interchangeable hands and faces are included to bring Anya's characteristic poses to life...
USD 52.36
Brand: Bandai Model: 63905
Description:As with the S.H.Figuarts series Tsuburaya Productions under the thorough supervision of LSS of the duction modeling department, In the finale of "Ultraman Z", Ultraman Z Original shoots his Zestium Beam in the battle against Destrudos has been recreated in three dimensions. The power..
USD 72.69
Brand: Bandai Model: 64192
Description:Anya Forger & Bond Forger from the TV anime SPY x FAMILY appears in the non-moving figure series "FiguartsZERO" that expresses the charm and world view of the characters. Expressing a cute world view that imaged the scene in the work. The scene where he fell asleep after playing was m..
USD 58.15
Brand: Bandai Model: 5065319
Description:From "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba", Nezuko Kamado, the younger sister of Tanjiro Kamado, is lined up in the "Demon Slayer Model" that even plastic model beginners can easily assemble! From the kimono pattern to the wrinkles, it is three-dimensionalized with a particular modeling e..
USD 47.98
Brand: Bandai Model: 5065320
Description:The 17th edition of the Heisei RIDER PROJECT Beginning plastic modeling plan for the hero of the Heisei era is "Kamen Rider Wizard" clad in jewels! The parts of the head and body express the brilliance of jewels with extra finish processing and clear parts! Two types of lobes, "verti..
USD 39.70
Brand: Bandai Model: 55540
Description:"Hey! It's me, Goku!" The world's been waiting for him! SON GOKU -A SAIYAN RAISED ON EARTH- is being sold by S.H.Figuarts again! Comes with 3 interchangeable face parts, 2 left hands, and 4 right hands, allowing you to recreate memorable scenes from the show!***Please note the it..
USD 32.53
Brand: Bandai Model: 64935
Description:From "JUJUTSU KAISEN 0," SUGURU GETO comes to S.H.Figuarts! With 3 interchangeable faces, interchangeable hands, and interchangeable hair are included, letting you recreate impressive scenes from the movie! The figure also comes with his special grade cursed tool, Playful Cloud! "The ..
USD 82.17
Brand: Bandai Model: 5065318
Description:Easy assembly without tools! Pokabu joins the "Poke-Pla Quick!!" series, which is easy to assemble even for the first time! Approximately 82mm in total length. Enjoy attractive cute poses that you want to collect. Easy assembly and a colorful finish are compatible with discerning part..
USD 7.42
Brand: Bandai Model: 5065314
Description:"Ultraman Decker Flash Type" from the popular "Ultraman Decker" is now available in the Figure-rise Standard series! "Color timer" comes with two types, red and blue, and you can reproduce the scene in the play by replacing the parts. Thorough pursuit of color coding of parts. Minimiz..
USD 35.41
Brand: Bandai Model: 5061622
Description:From "Kamen Rider Build", Kamen Rider Build Rabbit Tank Form is available in Figure-rise Standard! With Figure-rise Standard's wide range of joint mechanisms, it is possible to reproduce the characteristic poses immediately after transformation and the special move "Vortic Finish". ..
USD 28.56
Brand: Bandai Model: 64950
Description:"That's because Aki learned all about the flavor of cigarettes from yours truly!" Himeno comes to the Figuarts mini series! Featuring vibrant expressions and adorable little poses, this miniature series condenses the charm of Himeno from "Chainsaw Man" into a palm-sized package! Despi..
USD 21.08
Brand: Bandai Model: 64946
Description:“I'm a perpetual motion machine! That Nobel Prize is mine!" CHAINSAW MAN joins the Figuarts mini series! Featuring vibrant expressions and adorable little poses, this miniature series condenses the charm of the eponymous Chainsaw Man from "Chainsaw Man" into a palm-sized package! Bot..
USD 21.08
Brand: Bandai Model: 64951
Description:"Look, we're not killing Denji. We're Devil Hunters. We only kill devils." Aki Hayakawa comes to the Figuarts mini series! Featuring vibrant expressions and adorable little poses, this miniature series condenses the charm of Aki Hayakawa from "Chainsaw Man" into a palm-sized package!..
USD 21.08
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Bandai is a Japanese toy maker and a producer of many plastic model kits. It is Japan's largest toy maker and the world's fourth-largest toy maker as of 2018 after The Lego Group, Mattel and Hasbro. Some ex-Bandai group companies produce anime and tokusatsu programs. Gundam Gunpla can be classified by Real Grade (RG), High Grade (HG), Advance Grade (AG), Master Grade (MG), Perfect Grade (PG)

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