About Our Actions

Education gives children a higher self-esteem, better job prospects and economic independence, as well as lifting children out of poverty. Such an education can also give children a better understanding of what life has to offer and what is to be done for the life hereafter. Schools environment can offer benefits to children such as emotional support and care. In the education program, TAQWA provide the following:

• School uniforms and shoes,
• Tuition fees,
• Stationeries,
• Textbooks.
• Education progress of the sponsored childrens is monitored by conducting regular education assessment in the following subjects: Mathematics | English | Islamic knowledge.


TAQWA provides health services whenever needed to her sponsored home based orphans. Children have identity cards that help them to be identified in our partner´s health facilities. Our main partner in health provision is Sunrise Muslim Volunteers (SMV) hospital. Our other health partner is mobile global dentists.

Monthly food support

Families of our sponsored children are provided with food support on monthly basis.