Power HD | GTS Series Servos

The new high-voltage brushless GTS series servo is consisting of four models, GTS-3, GTS-5, GTS-6, and GTS-7. The new range supports Flysky i-BUS2 protocol following an alliance between the two brands. Featuring a four-pole brushless motor this gives a faster response, greater heat-resistant and a long life span. The GTS Series supports the Power HD program box PG-CB63. The model numbers indicate the Kg rating of each servo with the range covering 30, 50, 60 and 70kg.

Support Features

  • *Support FLYSKY radio’s i-BUS2 protocol
  • servo parameter setup / data logging / warning / and other functions
  • *Support the high speed mode of brands’ radio
  • Noble NB4 Pro modes: NOR / SR / SFR
  • Futaba modes: NOR / SR / UR
  • SANWA modes: NOR / SHR /SSR / SUR / SXR
  • *Support the Power HD program box PG-CB63

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